My EXCELLENT ThanksBirthGivingDay!!! ^^*

A great weekend filled with Food, Family, Friends, more food, shopping, NYC, Korean food, karaoke, rice wine, and even more food! ^^* Happy 24th to me!

Trix in the kitchen making some delicious Mac & Cheese...

The sickkkkk spread...amaaaaazing!

Auntie Kelly teaches the kids to make paper planes...


Thank you Buttercookies!

KOREAN FOOD...yummmm!


I really enjoyed watching this one!

A Starry Starry Night, is the story of two young kids and the friendship they form whilst encountering the harsh realities of life. Its a truly touching film that beautifully depicts the mind of a child who is experiencing the breakdown of their family. The loss, the anger, the confusion is presented subtly, but still so effectively. So much of this film is communicated through small expressions and meaningful glances. It is reflective of the tense situations in which not much is said and not much can be said, however the obvious lack of spoken words speaks volumes. Even the relationship between the heroine and hero is not one of deep conversational connection, however their appreciation and mutual understanding of one another is clear and deeply felt by both. I also really appreciate the honestly and lack of pretense in their relationship which is probably due to their young age. [That's another thing that sucks about aging, you become more self-conscious].
This film is not a tear-jerker, thank GOD! but it does tug at your heartstrings and leave you with a "kind" ending.

...possibly even better than the original!

Two musical actors sing Come What May from Moulin Rouge. This song is originally sung by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, but these two do and wonderful rendition! [Especially the guy! The girl isn't bad, but he totally overshadows her with his performance!] BRAVO!

Loud things come in small packages

I don't particularly like her, but she never fails to impress me with her talent. She's a Diva, but I guess anyone who sings like this deserves to be...


There's talent, there's hard work, and then there's just some people God has created with heavenly voices...

Totally feeling this k-pop!

I don't think I can even consider Tablo's music as "kpop", but whatever genre you'd register this song as you can't deny it's all around GOOD!