: / mehhhh!

I got a haircut today. I actually went to a place my mom recommended and paid them money. This is the first time in almost a year that I've let another person cut my hair, and no joke, I look like a member of a an Asian boy band!
The lady didn't do a horrible job, but some people just don't know how to style hair. I'm gonna hava to try and fix it, but first I'm gonna have to grow it out!

:/ mehhhhhh!

Ok, I made up a song about my hair to the tune of "If I were a Boy" by Beyonce

I look like a boyyy!
Oh, you don't understaaaand!
How it feels to lose your haair...
No, this was not part of my plaaan!

I wanted a triiim!
Because my ends were so dryyy!
Now when I look in the mirror...
All I see is just some sad looking guy!

hehehe, that's all ;p

I could not have said it any better myself

Be wise enough not to be reckless, but brave enough to take great risks.

It’s okay to fail – learn from it and you will succeed.

It’s better to be pissed-off than pissed-on.

. . . I might be over the all-nighters writing papers and cramming for exams, random housing assignments, communal bathrooms, swiping an id card to get anywhere, and the mad scramble to fulfill chapel requirements; but I will never be over how each of those circumstances, allowed me to meet the most fascinating and awesome people I have ever met in my life. I am humbled to call them friends.


I graduated today.

I woke up this morning, put on my cute white dress, then my cap and gown and went to Commencement with the other 650 students in my graduating year.

I have officially completed 4 years of higher education and 16 years of schooling, in which I must now move on to another phase of my life as a proper contributing member of society.



Congratulations to my parents though, who have successfully put two children through college! This is for them. They really wanted me to go to Messiah College. I know it was ultimately my decisions, but they really did want me to.

I guess the question is...now what? What am I gonna do now that I am no longer obligated to be a student? It's the only thing I've ever been required to do. Now I really get to do whatever I want, to be whatever I want...but what do I want to do? Seriously, why do I not have a better grasp of this? It's not that I am lacking drive, I'm just lost on direction.

For now I'll just have to go wherever the wind takes me...

a surprisingly great film!

OMG! so the film, Center Stage: Turn It Up, the sequel to the first Center Stage [which is a pretty lame film] is actually awesome!!! The plot is very different from the first film and the dancing is 100x better and more diverse.

And I know I know it's hard to imagine a film with this title being any good, but honestly after watching it I was so surprised it when straight to DVD because it has much more quality than one would expect.

And an extra huge plus is the SUPER HOTT and DREAMY lead actor. Let me tell you, there are some steamy scenes in this film. Not the nasty kind, but the ones that can make a girl's heart flutter =)

the final FINAL!

Today was the last day of my college career. No more classes, no more papers, no more exams. I'm just waiting for commencement on Saturday, but as of now I am a college graduate. So here's to a new beginning living with the parents, job searching, rejection, and no insurance.

Sooo...please pray I don't fall or get into any major accidents!


Love this COAT!

...the end is near

Today I had my last class of my college career. It was a mock crisis interview in which I was questioned on a crisis situation I was given. My presentation was in front of the class and recorded. I was sooo nervous I could feel my heart racing in my throat. My mouth was so dry my tongue felt swollen. BUT Thank GOD I made it through and it feel's AMAZING!!!


For the next few days I do not have many big things due. It's Amanda's Birthday on Friday...she turning the BIG 21!!! YAY! We will be CELEBRATING HARD because she absolutely deserves it!!! This girl works so hard, I do not know anyone who deserves a better B-day than her...so I am so determined to make it an amazing day for her! ^_^*

YAY! I love that this is my biggest concern right now!!!


I saw the film Taken tonight at the Drive-in theater with my friends.
Neeson plays a retired Central Intelligence Agency operative who sets about tracking down his teenage daughter after she is kidnapped by sex-slave traders while traveling in Europe. This is an amazing film where Liam Neeson plays a BAMF and determined father. I was highly impressed and invigorated while watching this film. This action packed thriller was just my kind of movie. No part is too predicatable and even though the film takes some Hollywood magic liberties, its still satisfies.

The only qualms I have about the film are bitch of mom and ex-wife and the princess of a daughter, who gets a horse for her b-day and whines about going to Paris until they let her, to which she comits all the wrongs she and her even stupider friend can by being ridiculously ignorant and touristy American teenagers, which gets them targeted and kidnapped! FOOLS! I blame the mother who is overly obsessed with sticking it to her ex-husband that she lets her 17 year old daughter trapes all over Europe with her 19 year old friend all in the name of life experience! Well bitch, here's life experience for you! You're daughter and her friend were targeted and kidnapped, drugged and sold into sex slavary, to which her friend died and she...well, thank God for her BAMF of a father! It just teaches you that your parents set up boundaries for your own personal safety because they love you and there are some crazy assholes out there!

Ok, that's all I have to say!

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