Would you rock this look?

They're called bodysuits...I'd call them grownup onesies or leotards ;p

Tom Binn's Disney inspired couture accessories

Films I want to SEE!!!

It's gonna be busy summer! :)

Kokon To Zai

2NE1's Park Bom rocking a dress by KTZ. It's one of the many outfits she wears in their Try To Follow Me video. Another awesome print!

Brown Eyed Girl's Ga-in sporting KTZ print top from their Spring/Summer Collection 2010. I'm loving the funky mix of color and graffiti...very fun and bold!

These clothes are so FUN! Too bad I can't wear stuff like this to work ;p.

Definitely NOT the Hostess with the Mostest!

I am a party goer, but definitely not a party planner! It might have to do with the fact that I've never had a real party I've hosted myself. I never had a big birthday bash or a sweet sixteen or anything that. My parents never emphasised the need for anything like that in my life, so it never evewn became a concern or indulgence. I've attended plenty and have had great times, but it was never the size or the glamour of the party that made it memorable. And I know I'm waaayyyy to lazy and you could say "frugal" to care about the little details of a gathering.
To some, that what makes or breaks an event. To me, it's a BIG WASTE OF TIME. The most important thing to me is spending time with the people I love or even just like and making sure everyone enjoys themselves. And to me, the color scheme of the room or the way the food is layed out does not determine that. It's the company you keep, the coversation you have, and the laughter you hear.
Fine, if you wanna call me classless or cheap or whatever...I don't really care. And it's because I know at the end of the day, I still had a waayyyy better time than you. Also, I can look back and not think it was worth it, but KNOW it was worth it because I didn't have to break the bank! And really, I don't have the time in the day to think about all that crap...uh excuse me, I have a job and there are bigger concerns in the world.

So there...that's all.

Quote of the day

“It hurts when I don’t see him and when I do. It hurts whether he’s here or whether he’s not. Hurts whether he smiles at me or smiles at someone else. Hurts whether he calls my name or doesn’t. As long as I'm walking this Earth, I think I’ll continue to feel hurt, but still, being here is better. Being able to see him and hate him is better than him not being here.” -Eun Jo [Cinderella's Sister]

A great quote from Episode 13. An intoxicated Eun Jo revealing a bit of her brokeness to childhood friend Jung Woo. It's completely moving because the condratiction of her emotions are so relatable. [sigh]

Operation Issue: Day 1

Today, I was going through "operation issue" in more ways that one. I'm not gonna get into it, but I am gonna leave you with this...

BEWARE of BRISK Iced Tea by Lipton! The stuff is delicious, but absolutely NOT worth the... ehem ehem afteraffects.

Anyways...Today was the beginning of what is called "Operation Issue" at work, which is basically a kind of Finals week for Life Insurance Agents. Which basically means a buttload of work for the rest of us. Let's just say that Friday cannot come fast enough! Today could've actually been a lot worse...thank God! Here's praying that God sustains me tomorrow and provides strength and laughter to get through the day!

I end with this inspirational message, "Don't ignore who you are just because it's easier to try and be someone else."

Good night!

My Latest K-drama Addiction

The drama is called Cinderella's Sister and like the title suggests it's a modern day version of the classic story. However, rather than the same old fairy tale, we get a wonderfully fresh spin which concentrates on "Cinderella's stepsister" in the character of Eun Jo played by the extremely talented Moon Guen Young.

For the past 7 weeks I have been completely enthralled in the passion, angst, twist and turns of this drama! Not to mention listening to the awesome soundtrack! I have a great respect for the writers of this drama who are able to present us with such dynamic characters. Unlike the typical bad guy/good guy dynamic, we are shown so many different perspectives and explanations with in the story that almost everyone becomes relateable or at least understandable. It's so wonderfully human!

I am also completely taken with the romance between Eun Jo and Ki Hoon. Their situation is so tragic, but you just know these star-crossed lovers are meant to be. There have been so many setbacks in their relationship. Both have tried to give up on each other and have even tried hating the other. However, it's a useless fight. Not seeing each other hurts just as much as not seeing each other and have discovered that being around each other is still the better option...the only option. It's heartbreakingly beautiful!

Ughhhhh...that is why I am soooo over American media which has lost all sense of true romance and loyalty! They would have had Ki Hoon jump into bed with the next thing in a skirt and Eun Jo would be off trying to hide the identity of the true babydaddy!

My recommendation: A MUST WATCH! *^_^*

What a wedding proposal!

Shindong of the K-pop boy band Super Junior recently made a public confession of love and proposal to his non-celebrity girlfriend in the cutest way possible.

In the jacket cover of Super Junior's 4th Album released on the 13th, in his "thanks to" section he writes a message in code and inculdes the deciphering method. It was deciphered to read,

“Nari, let’s get married. I am proposing to you. I will love you forever.”

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! That's awesome! 10,000 COOL POINTS TO HIM!
I don't know about you, but I think declaring your love to your girl in front of an international audience and figuring out a special way of proposing that only you can do is extremely romantic and thoughtful! Especially for someone like himself who is in the public eye, that's so balls-to-the-walls!

MAJOR PROPS to you! I hope she says yes and you two live happily ever after!