the Royal Pirates

The Royal Pirates was formerly known as Fading From Dawn in the year of 2004 with members: Moonchul[guitar and vocals], Sooyoon [drums and second vocals], and Richard(Moonchan)[bass]. Richard, Moonchul's brother-the bassist in the band, passed away on 4.11.08 in a terrible car accident. Moonchul and Sooyoon couldn't be Fading From Dawn without Richard and decided to change their name to Royal Pirates. James, ex Azusa, joined Royal Pirates as bassist in Sep. 2009.

倧Royal Pirates (Formerly Fading From Dawn)
They are full Koreans who are currently in Southern CA. Moonchul and Sooyoon have lived in the United States for 10 years. James was born and raised in the United States.

I love their covers of both Korean and English music, especially their Muse cover of Time is Running Out! :)

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wedding photos

Pictures from the recent wedding Korean celebrities, Tablo of Epik High, and his new bride, actress Kang Hye-jung.

The bride took her vows saying, “If in the far-off future someone were to ask me what my life’s achievements were … I would say that it was the time I spent living by your side, spending forever with you, loving you and holding you.”

The groom said, “I think you are my echo. When I first met you, I thought that it was as if all of the things I had shouted out into the world before knowing you had come back to me in your form. … All the hopes and wishes, dreams and happiness that you have carried thus far, I’ll give to you. I love you.”

IDK how you top that!


Mark Yu, adorable piano/music protege on the Ellen show. So awesome! I love this kid!

sweet image

i love the print style of this


A collection of talent...

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to dance and how much I appreciate those who dance. I am in awe of those who are talented, but also appreciate those who just try because it's all about enjoying yourself and expressing your passion! =)

Here's a bunch of video's I came across... - no one should be able to move like that! - these kids have the sickest moves i've ever seen! - Seung Ri, member of Korean group Big Bang, amazing poppin! - kid in the orange shirt can't be REAL! He has to be a robot or something!!! - OMG!!! He's a baby!!! - ya Philippines!! Represent!!!

More of my loves...there's just so much good stuff out there!

I LOVE GLEE!!! Can't say it any simpler than that...I LOOOOOOVE GLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

What's not to love?! Singing, dancing, drama, pee in your pants humor! What more could a girl want?!

Enough said. =)

Check out their rendition of No Air from last night's episode -

AWESOME!!! ^_^*

What I'm loving recently...

Last week I started watching the new Korean drama from the SBS network called You're Beautiful and now I am completely enamored by this show! I find myself excited with anticipation of every new episode and riddled with angst every time it's over!
The general premise of the show is a cross-dressing comedy about a girl who is recruited to impersonate her twin brother as the new member of a popular Korean idol boy band. A bit of a stretch? I know :). However, to be perfectly honest no matter how ridiculous it all seems, this shit is hilarious! I can't put it any other way! There are some truly brilliant moments created in this show, which only gets me more excited for the next episode.
It doesn't hurt that the main characters are
completely adorable and yummy! Their personalities and little quirks are so endearing and entertaining, but the writers have also accomplished a great depth and back story to each character. So in every bit of humor their is also equal amounts of drama and intrigue. Simply awesome!
Today episode 4 airs! Can't wait! 2 out of the 3 other band member have discovered Mi Nam is a girl and there are already numerous awkward moments of sexual tension in the making! hehe love it!
My favorite character is Shin-woo played by Jung Yonghwa. He is definitely the most sensible of the group, a practical and laid-back individual. And he's the bassist! Can you tell I'm crushing already? ;p A definite case of second lead crush syndrome! He prolly won't get the girl in the end, but I can still cheer for him right!

Check out these BOOTS!

Nina Ricci boots featured in Elle magazine's October issue. These shoes take heels to a whole new level...literally.

Very ingenuous, but kinda scary :/ I would probably need to use a walking stick.